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We at Car tech are approved by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) who are the official government agency for MOT testing.
An MOT test is required by law on all vehicles in the UK that are 3 years old or more.

The annual inspection follows strict criteria set out by the DVSA that determines if your car is fit for purpose and in roadworthy condition.

Our qualified MOT testers will carry out a broad range of vehicle safety checks including lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions.
An MOT test takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. So should you need to wait while we complete your MOT at Car tech, we offer comfortable seating, free tea and coffee and free Wi-Fi.

What checks are carried out in an MOT Test?

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The test is split into six main groups

  • Lights: Front and rear lamps, headlamps, headlamp aim, stop lamps, rear reflectors, direction indicators, hazard lamps, rear fog lights.
  • Steering and Suspension: Steering control, steering mechanism/system, power steering, transmission shafts, wheel bearings, front suspension, rear suspension, shock absorbers.
  • Tyres and Wheels: Tyre size/type, tyre condition, road wheels.
  • Brakes: ABS warning system/controls, condition of service brake system, condition of parking brake system, service brake performance, parking brake performance.
  • Seat Belts: Mounting, condition, operation, position.
  • General: Driver’s view of the road, horn, exhaust system, exhaust emissions, vehicle condition, mirrors, fuel system, registration plates, and VIN numbers.

To find out more items that are checked on your mot please feel free to visit the DVSA site

Why it’s important

Without a current MOT certificate, you will be unable to drive your vehicle lawfully or renew your road tax. The penalty for not having an up-to-date MOT certificate could result in a fine. Also, if the vehicle is involved in an accident you may be asked to produce your MOT certificate.

An insurance claim could be affected by the absence of your MOT, especially in the case of injury.
Recent computerisation of the MOT testing system by DVSA means police and mobile camera units can now check remotely to see if your vehicle has a current MOT.

You can have your vehicle MOT tested up to 28 days in advance. The expiry date on your new MOT is 12 months from the expiry of your old one rather than 12 months from the day you took the test, so as long as your MOT test is due in the next 28 days, you won’t lose any days for having your vehicle tested early.

Is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is examined every 12 months, however you can take advantage of our free text MOT reminders.

Don’t leave it too late call Car tech now or book online.

Why Choose Car Tech for your MOT?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Trustworthy, family run business
  • Any car, any age
  • Free MOT re-test
  • Transparent charges
  • Same Day appointments

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How can I check my MOT expiry date?

You can find the expiry date of your MOT on your existing MOT test certificate or online on the GOV website.

How long does a MOT test take?

An MOT takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, although please bear in mind any repairs needed may take extra time. You’re more than welcome to stay, observe your vehicle, or use our free wi-fi for the duration of the MOT.

What if my MOT has expired?
  • Do not drive your car: This is the safest and most legal option. Only drive it to a pre-booked MOT test or to a garage for repairs if it's necessary to get to the test centre.
  • Book an MOT test immediately: You can do this online or by phone. Remember, you can book it up to a month in advance of the expiry date.
  • Get your car repaired (if necessary): If your car fails the MOT due to safety defects, you'll need to get them repaired before it can pass another test.
What happens if my car fails the MOT?

You will receive a failure certificate outlining the problems found and their severity. After the vehicle is repaired the car can then be retested within 10 working days without needing a new MOT booking.

If you choose not to repair the car, you cannot legally drive it on the road.

Where can I get an MOT?

You can get an MOT at any DVSA-approved MOT testing centre, including garages, car dealerships, and independent workshops.

We at Car Tech are a DVSA-approved MOT testing centre. Book online here

Can I prepare my car for the MOT?

While you cannot guarantee a pass, you can help avoid unnecessary failures by ensuring your lights, tyres, and fluids are in good condition. Check your owner's manual for specific maintenance recommendations.

What if I disagree with the MOT result?

You have the right to appeal an MOT failure. You can find more information on the appeals process at

We do offer a free video health check here at Car Tech, please feel free to ask your service advisor for this.

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