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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become a must for every vehicle in the modern world. With temperatures rising we need to stay cool and our air conditioning gives us that. It is useful too in the winter as a demister. Nothing else works like it!

It is therefore important to check your air conditioning to guarantee perfect performance and ensure that the fluids are maintained to their correct levels.

Cartech can carry out service and repairs to your air conditioning wether your vehicle has the R1234a or R1234yf refrigerants.


With all the potholes and road damage your vehicle has to contend with it is worth having the geometry of your car checked regularly. This will preserve the life of your tyres and ensure optimum handling. At Cartech we have a state-of-the-art geometry alignment centre so that all four wheels can be checked and adjustments can be made if necessary.


Cartech can supply a wide range of tyres at competitive prices. From low cost budget options to premium tyres I am sure we will be able to help. Due to the importance of good tyre condition we are happy to provide a free of charge check at any time. Just call in or telephone to arrange.

If you have any concerns or issues with your vehicle please come and talk to us. We will always be truthful and offer the best advice. Our rates are very competitive so you will always get good value.

General Repairs and Maintenance

We are fully equipped and able to help with any general maintenance work on your vehicle. From suspension ball joints to clutches and gearboxes just give us a call and we can provide help and an honest opinion. All our work is fully guaranteed and competitively priced.

Body Repairs

If you have minor damage, scratches or scuffs we can arrange for this to be repaired at a fraction of the cost of our competitors and to the highest standards. Telephone to arrange a free quote.

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Ultimate Advanced Standard
Inspect engine for oil leaks
Drain and change oil and filter
Inspect radiator and radiator cap    
Check coolant hoses    
Inspect expansion bottle, tank and cap    
Check condition and tension of fan/altenator  
Check condition and tension of auxiliary belts  
Inspect and top up anti-freeze as required
Check and renew air filter    
Check spark plugs schedule and report as required*    
Check timing belt schedule and report as required*  
Inspect interior and exterior lights  
Inspect warning lights  
Inspect battery charge and terminals
Check diesel plug indicator as appropriate    
Inspect HT leads distributor cap as required  
Check horn
Inspect clutch operation    
Inspect drive shaft joints gators and boots  
Check and top up clutch and axel oil  
Check and top up transmission and gearbox fluid as required    
Check power steering and top up reservoir as required
Check steering components for wear and corrosion
Check condition of steering rack gators  
Inspect wheel bearings  
Inspect shock absorbers  
Check windscreen washers, wipers and function
Top up windscreen wash as required
Check windscreen security and any chips/cracks
Inspect mirrors (interior and exterior)
Inspect number plates
Fuel cap and fuel lines    
Replace fuel filter as appropriate*    
Inspect exhaust system catalyst as appropriate
Check brake pads for wear or damage
Check calipers for leaks and security  
Check brake shoes for wear or damage  
Inspect operation of wheel cylinder and report leaks  
Check brake discs/drums for cracks and corrosion  
Test and report brake fluid boiling point
Inspect brake hydraulic system  
Inspect hand brake  
Inspect ABS warning lights
Check brake fluid & Report
Check pollen filter schedule and report    
Reset vehicle service light as appropriate
Lubricate door hinges bonnet catch and locks  
Inspect seat belts front and rear  
Road test
Stamp service book
Inspect TPMS valves
Inspect TPMS warning light/sensor

*at additional cost

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Why should I service my car or van regularly?

By servicing your vehicle every year this will help with:

  1. Keeping you and your family safe
  2. It will increase longevity in your vehicle
  3. It will maximize your vehicle's value
  4. Keeping others safe
  5. It will save you money in the long run
What does a full service include?

It usually includes an oil change, filter replacements, fluid checks, tyre inspection, and visual inspection of key components.
To help with this we have included above a service checklist which shows the difference between the 3 services we offer.

My vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty can I get my serviced at Car Tech?

Yes, you certainly can. Just mention to the service advisor that you would like genuine OEM parts as this will be required for your warranty to remain active. We will of course stamp your book and provide a VAT receipt for your records.

How much does a vehicle service cost?

This varies depending on the type of service, your vehicle, and the garage you choose. If you enter your registration onto our online booking (LINK) then prices will be displayed here. Please note that prices are subject to VAT (Value added Tax)

Is a service different to an MOT?

Yes, a service is not the same as an MOT.

A service is a thorough check of the health and condition of your car. This can include replacement or maintenance of certain parts. For example, engine oil, the air filter and/or coolant.

Getting a service is about giving your vehicle that little bit of TLC that it needs to ensure it’s running as smoothly and safely as possible. A service also checks your car or van is running efficiently, increasing its longevity and saving you money.

If our technician finds an issue during your service which would normally result in an MOT failure, you can still drive home on your existing MOT certificate providing the vehicle is safe to do so.
When you book your local car service, you will know about issues before they legally need to be repaired. We would always recommend getting an issue fixed during a service before your vehicle is due its annual MOT.

How Long does it take to complete a service?

It can take 1-2 hours to complete an interim service and 2-4 hours to complete a full service.
After the vehicle has had the filters replaced and the checks have been completed then the technician will note any defects or faults that require attention. The Service advisor will then call for authority and give you an indication of time scales for collection.

It is always recommended to leave the vehicle with us for the day when having a full service. We do offer a loan car facility if needed.

We also offer a free video health check on your vehicle, please ask the advisor for more details.

How soon can I book my vehicle in?

Please feel free to call us or book online above. If your vehicle is urgent, we will be more than happy to assist you and often able to provide you with a same day / next day service booking. Vehicle tyre fitting can also be done on the day. Call us on 01525 308 999.

Do I need to bring anything with me when servicing the car?

Once you’ve booked your car service appointment and the day has arrived, it’s important to bring the right things with you.

Please bring the locking wheel nut key as the technician will need to remove your wheels (interim and full) to check the condition of your tyres and brakes.

If you could also bring the service book with you, we will be happy to stamp the book.
If you have misplaced the locking wheel nut key, then please feel free to let the service advisor know and we can arrange to have these replaced for you. Costs for this will be discussed prior to repairs.

What an advisory?

Advisory notes are issues identified with your car during an MOT test or service that aren’t serious enough to warrant a failure but do need to be looked at sooner rather than later.

For example; Low tread on your tyres is a common advisory note. The legal minimum tread of your tyres is 1.6mm, so if your tyres are close to this then the tyre will be ‘advised’. Driving with low tread is dangerous and will increase your braking distance.

When is my car due a service?

Most modern-day cars will have a service indicator on the dash board that may read ‘service due’ or ‘service required’. This is a reminder that your service is now due and is usually programmed based on the mileage or time after last service.

If your vehicle does not have a service indicator or you are unsure, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.