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We at Car Tech understand the importance of your commercial vehicle or van. We also understand that any time off the road costs you money!

Our promise to you is that not only will we prioritise you and your vehicle we will also make sure to get the most competitive price!

We stock a range of commercial and Van tyres ready to fit whilst you wait. If we don’t have the right stock, we can offer a wide variety of van tyres for same day/ next day order.

Our range is a host of leading manufacturers, including Michelin, Matador, Pirelli and Roadstone, and specialist tyres such as run flat or winter van tyres.

Order your tyres online today and have them fitted same day/ next day.

Are van Tyres Different to Car Tyres?

While van and car tyres may look the same to the untrained eye, upon closer inspection there are numerous subtle variations in their strength and durability levels.

For starters, van and LCV tyres are designed to handle harsher conditions and more uneven road surfaces. Considering the intended use of vehicles like vans in the construction and transport industry - it makes sense that their tyres would be more resistant to dust, rocks, gravel, and even off-road terrain.

The strain that van tyres undergo when transporting heavy loads necessitates their resilient quality and reinforced sidewall. Many van tyres are described as Reinforced (RF) or Extra Load (XL) to indicate their extra-strong sidewall, higher load capacity, and higher tyre pressure. Car tyres do not enjoy the same strength levels and are therefore not able to withstand the same pressure.

Design differences

Though it sounds obvious, the main difference between car and van tyres is their design and function. As already mentioned, vans and similar commercial vehicles have a much more rigorous and pressurised work environment compared to family cars — and their tyres are designed accordingly.

While ‘RF’ and ‘XL’ models are actually reinforced car tyres, ‘C’ models are van-specific tyres, used exclusively on vans and intended to support extremely heavy loads. ‘C’ tyres can withstand coarse and abrasive road surfaces without wearing down too quickly; excellent for driving on construction sites or off the beaten track.

This design feature is especially useful considering how vans often rack up high mileage due to their frequent use as work vehicles.

Stopping distances

Regardless of whether you drive a van or a car, sometimes an emergency stop is necessary. Another subtle difference between the two tyre types is their ability to stop when braking.

Depending on the weather conditions — or the season — car tyres have multiple options. If you know you’ll be faced with a lot of slippery, wet roads, winter tyres are a suitable option. If, on the other hand, you’re driving in mild conditions, summer tyres are your best bet for good braking.

Van tyres are more complicated, since they are likely to be carrying heavier loads and distribute their weight differently. That’s why we recommend purchasing from premium tyre manufacturers like Continental, especially the Continental VanContant 4 Season or the VanContact 200, for a tyre that has maximum grip for all weather types. You can browse our full range of van tyres here. We are proud to be a continental authorised dealer. To learn more about continental please click here

Make your tyres last longer

Regardless of whether you drive a van, car, specialist vehicle or a sports car, it is absolutely essential to check your tyres regularly to reduce the risk of blowout and breakdown. If you’re in doubt about the safety or performance of your vehicle’s tyres, please feel free to book your free tyre check now.

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